There’s no argument — a website for your business is a must. However, with so many do-it-yourself website solutions available, many business owners think there’s no need to hire a professional web designer and go it alone. While some organisations can do just fine with a homemade site, most for-profit businesses will benefit immensely by engaging a web design agency. In this article, we highlight the top 10 reasons why businesses and other organisations will benefit immensely by using a professional web design agency.

Why Should You Engage a Web Design Agency?

An experienced web design agency will engage professional web designers, each with years of experience creating websites. They’ve seen just about every design, style, business, or technical challenge you could possibly throw at them and they know how to create, upgrade, and fix them all. With this experience, an agency can easily make a website look and function in a way that those with lesser experience could not.

A web design agency has access to professional resources that are part and parcel of their business. There are tools, web development kits and add-ons that are only available to professional design agencies. These resources make it possible for design firms to create and edit quality and eye-catching visuals. Web design agencies have the latest technology to keep your website up to date and running at the optimum speed. Additionally, an agency incorporates the latest designs and bug fixes as they become available. To purchase all of these resources alone would cost you a fortune, but agencies are able to minimise these costs by spreading it amongst all of their clients thereby reducing your costs significantly – a win | win for you.

As a business owner, your schedule is likely packed. Creating and maintaining your company’s website is a time-intensive job that you may not be able to manage. Additionally, you don’t want to take on work that pulls you away from high-level tasks that need your focus. By hiring a professional agency to create the website for you, you free up time and energy that can be spent developing your business.

It can be tempting to try to save a few dollars by building your website yourself, or purchasing a website builder like Wix or Squarespace, however, each of these services provide limited support and options. This places you in the position of having to spend hours searching for solutions online or spending additional money for costly upgrades to customise your website’s look and features to suit your preferences. Building a website is more than just placing media content and text on screen, so when you factor in the time you need to allocate to sufficiently learn the platform, edit your content, and troubleshoot issues, it quickly becomes an imposte on both time and finances and one of the primary reasons to engage a professional web design agency.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but actually implementing it properly takes solid research and the time to stay on top of changing trends. This is another key area where a good web design agency can help your website excel. Most agencies will know what the latest SEO requirements are and how to make sure that your website gets the most eyes in the fastest amount of time. This means that your site is found by more people who need your services or products. More website visibility translates into new customers, more sales and a better bottom line for your business. Making your business website SEO friendly means knowing the exact keywords, webpage structure and content that will be recognised by major search engines like Google. Fine-tuning your website to suit these ever-changing trends is not a specialty that the average business owner can do properly. Quality search engine optimisation can be a full-time job by itself and is why Naked Egg Web Design has trained SEO personnel for this purpose.

You work hard in your business to make sure that the services and products you offer are of a professional quality, so your website needs to communicate this same message. Visitors to your website decide to stay or leave within the first few seconds of their visit, so it is critical that you create a great “first impression”. About 75% of visitors to your website will judge the credibility of your business from what they see on your site. How your website displays and functions determines whether a potential customer chooses you or dismisses you for a competitor. A fast, responsive, and easy-to-use website builds a positive user experience, which translates to online visitors trusting your business. These engaged website users then become leads, signups, and sales. A web design agency knows how to complement your brand and make it simple for your online customers to connect with your products and services.

According to a recent study, nearly 58.5% of online traffic globally came from a mobile device, with this figure slowly climbing annually. Websites cannot continue to reach their audience without being built for the mobile experience. As a result of this growing trend, Google now uses Core Web Vitals, a set of three metrics that measure the speed, interactivity, and visual stability of a webpage, considered to be important ranking factors for search engine optimisation. Websites with better mobile design can now rank higher than sites only optimised for desktop. A web design agency knows how to optimise Core Web Vitals markers to build websites using mobile-first design techniques. A website that translates well from desktop to mobile is a fine art that is the domain of professional web designers. Utilising an agency that has mastered these skills will give you a more engaging website that ranks higher on search engines.

Website creation doesn’t end when the website is up, running and attracting new customers. Web practices are constantly evolving, and your site needs continued maintenance to effectively grow with your business. Not only will an agency provide you with expert advice when they build your website, but they can also fix issues as they arise. When you work with a web design agency, you have a dedicated point-of-contact, whereas with most DIY web builder services, it can become frustratingly difficult to receive any response to a query.

Web designers can also guide you through steps to improve your website and help build successful advertising campaigns, which may include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media ads and even blogging! By working with diverse businesses, established agencies know what works and what doesn’t. This consulting and continued support is priceless, so you know that your advertising spend will result in the “best bang for buck” on audiences that are most likely to convert to leads.

Professional web designers study websites and users’ behaviour while using them. They know what issues or designs will attract users and which ones will dissuade them. Knowing the specific aspects that make a website user-friendly is very important to ensure that they are incorporated into your site for without them people will get easily frustrated and leave without finding out what you and your business are about – a potential client lost. 

A web design agency knows exactly how to arrange forms, page content, navigation bars, and calls to action so that they provide the best user experience. The point of a website is to draw people in so that they actively engage with what your business has to offer. Online visitors want to find information to answer their questions quickly. If a website makes it difficult for them to accomplish this, undoubtedly you will lose them to a competitor with better design implementation.

Another vital part of your website is the content contained within it. Without quality content your business message can be lost and ultimately so will your potential customers. The use of specific keywords and phrases are essential to help your products and services be found quickly with search engines. Without proper keyword research and placement, the web pages with your products will rarely rank high enough to be found in organic search results. In addition to keywords, an agency can create custom images or videos that set your website apart. From custom slides to strong calls to action, eye-popping visuals can bring user attention to your products and services. Web design agencies often employ blog and social media content specialists to help build on your website’s keywords and shareable content. This boosts your brand by connecting people to your website from high-traffic platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or industry forums. A web design agency will make your brand appealing to your audience and turn web visitors into business customers.

You may have developed skills as a web designer/developer, but as a business owner with your limited time developing your business, do you have the time to maintain it? Can you easily allocate the time to write text, edit photos, solve technical problems, update inventory or products, and respond to customer form inquiries? Can you check your analytics and understand the results to ensure that your website performance is on par with competitors? Do you remain current and know how to address changing trends to enhance your online reach? These tasks take hours each week to do well and some of them you may not particularly enjoy doing. Engaging a web design agency takes care of these time-consuming tasks. They employ people who specialise in handling your website holistically. You can still provide feedback and offer direction, but your greatest advantage is you don’t have to spend the hours figuring it out or implementing those plans.