The Successful Role of Client and Web Designer

A web designer sometimes wears many hats. But their main role is to develop the visual representation of content on a website, application, or other web based medium. Client input is a crucial component to any web project. [...]

What You Need To Know About Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing are two concepts that are often confused, or mistakenly thought of one and the same. While the two are definitely closely related, they also have their important distinctions. If you own a business, you’ve got to be able [...]

Website Security : Locking Down Your Site

If there’s one thing you can’t overlook on the Internet, it is website security. With so many vulnerabilities and cyber threats lurking, protecting your website against malicious attacks and data breaches should always be a top priority. [...]
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation – What You Need To Know

For most of us today, when we need something—whether it’s an answer, idea, strategy, or service—we start by asking search engines. Google alone gets 3.5 billion searches per day. So just as search engines have become integral to our lives, [...]

6 Major Drawbacks of Self-Built Websites

As a small business owner, you might think that a self-built website using a platform like Wix or Squarespace is a good idea. After all, these tools supposedly make it easy for anyone to create a website without any technical knowledge [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Engage a Web Design Agency

There’s no argument — a website for your business is a must. However, with so many do-it-yourself website solutions available, many business owners think there’s no need to hire a professional web designer and go it alone. While some organisations can [...]
A business website makes sense

10 Reasons Why You Need a Business Website

In today’s digital age, the world of business has undergone a seismic shift. The advent and continued growth of the internet has transformed the way companies operate, interact with customers, and establish their brand identity. [...]